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Pro Level Monster Basic Weekdays

#6a - Pro Level Monster - Basic ... $549.99 Monday thru Friday. This Professional level experience is an extreme one on one session (that’s right – just you and the lead car) and 15 continuous laps of driving. Without a doubt this will be a thrilling as well as deeply rewarding experience as you will get a rare insight to the feel of the long green run on the world’s fastest one mile track. The Basic Pro Level does not include photo package, video DVD or Ride. Additionally you will receive priority position in the drive list for your once in a lifetime experience

All drive date final selections must be completed via telephone by calling 1-800-468-6946 during our normal working hours - Monday thru Friday - 8 -4 EST. Online date selection is not available 

*** There are no cancellations within 30 days of your scheduled drive date. Each driver date change, driver substitution requires a payment $50.00 administrative fee.

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#1 Ride the Monster
4 lap passenger ride ...

#2 Meet the Monster

Drive for 10 laps ...

#3 Ride & Drive the Monster

>Ride 4 laps then drive 10 laps ...

#4 Twice the Monster

Drive 20 laps around the track ...

#5 Tame the Monster

Drive 30 laps around the track ...

#6 Pro Level Monster
Drive 15 Laps One on One w/Instructor ... Includes Photo Pkg - DVD - 4 Lap Ride

New #6A Pro Level Monster Basic
Drive 15 Laps one on one w/Instructor. Does not include a photo package, DVD or ride.

New #7 Pro Level Monster Ultimate
Drive  two 15 Laps (30 laps) one on one w/Instructor. Does not include a photo package, DVD or ride.

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