Dover, Delaware August 2014 When the idea of Monster Racing was being born all those 20 plus years ago it was never envisioned that it would become one of the most highly regarded driving experiences in the country. Of course that our events were conducted at one of the pre-eminent tracks whose high banks, short straight aways and reputation for being a Monster was a big help.

But in the end... it was about the people who joined the team over the years. Amazing people whose love of the sport and a deep personal commitment to what was the Monster Racing way of creating a safe and thrilling experience for each and every person who attended that make us successful. There was growing pains to be sure.... but the finished product is a incredible "machine" that is the magnificent example of what a team is all about.

Monster Racing has been not exempt from the normal highs and lows of the current economic cycle. We, like many businesses hunkered down starting in 2008. And waited for the return.But no company can continue to rack up large financial losses. Each year since the downturn the Board of Directors voted to keep waiting for the return, the uptick that would tell us its coming back.

This year, with a great deal of reluctance and sadness, the Board concluded that is was financially impossible to continue past the end of the 2014 Season. And so it is with a heavy heart that we announce to the everybody, staff, family, and fans, Monster Racing will suspend on track operations at the conclusion of the 2014 season

They say all good things come to an end. This is true in business as well. Its been a wonderful twenty years, but the time has come for Monster Racing Enterprises to hand the reins over to somebody else. So be on the look out for a different company or companies operating at starting in 2015. But for now, we encourage you to visit us NOW in 2014. Help us make it a grand farewell.

Monster Racing News & Announcments
  • Sep 12 2014
    GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: As was previously announced Monster Racing Enterprises will cease operation... details
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#1 Ride the Monster
4 lap passenger ride ...

#2 Meet the Monster

Drive for 10 laps ...

#3 Ride & Drive the Monster

>Ride 4 laps then drive 10 laps ...

#4 Twice the Monster

Drive 20 laps around the track ...

#5 Tame the Monster

Drive 30 laps around the track ...

#6 Pro Level Monster
Drive 15 Laps One on One w/Instructor ... Includes Photo Pkg - DVD - 4 Lap Ride

New #6A Pro Level Monster Basic
Drive 15 Laps one on one w/Instructor. Does not include a photo package, DVD or ride.

New #7 Pro Level Monster Ultimate
Drive  two 15 Laps (30 laps) one on one w/Instructor. Does not include a photo package, DVD or ride.

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